Parkview Squash Ladder: Rules and Scoring
  1. The cost to enter the ladder is $10.00 per 3 month session.
  2. You may join the ladder any time during the 3 month session.
  3. Contact Craig Schiele for more information.
  1. Craig Schiele will initially rank all entrants for each ladder.
  2. New entrants will be slotted in by Craig Schiele.
  1. You are responsible for contacting your opponents and issuing a challenge.
  2. Players unavailable for an extended period must notify Craig Schiele.
  3. You must play 6 matches per 3 month session.
  4. House League matches count as a match whether your opponent is within 5 rungs or not.  NEW !
  5. Regardless of when you join in the 3 month session, you must still play your 6 matches.
  6. Failure to play your 6 matches gets you removed from the ladder - and it costs $20 to get back on.
  7. You may challenge the same person more than once in the same 3-month period.
  8. Each player can only challenge a maximum of 5 players ahead of them.
  9. If you win your challenge match you now move one position above the person you beat.
  10. You do not have to challenge the  4 people that you just moved ahead of because of your victory. It is now their responsibility to challenge you.
  11. Injuries: In the event of an injury (if one participant cannot continue)
                    a. the match is halted
                    b. games finished before the injury stand
                    c. If the injury is caused by your opponent, the opponent forfeits all remaining games
                    d. If the injury is self-inflicted, all remaining games are forfeited to the opponent
  12. In the event of a default, no-show or a forfeit, the winner counts a victory, and the defaulter is not given credit for the match.
  13. Ladder will be updated TWICE weekly ( Wednesday and Sunday nights ).
  14. Match results must be submitted by one of the participants to the email address below

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  1. Each player receives the number of points that represent the number of games won.
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